Infertility Counselling

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1 in 6 couples experience infertility or difficulty conceiving

Infertility is fairly common, but it is still one of the areas society does not like to talk about. Because of this, experiencing infertility can feel very isolating. Infertility can also impact mental health.

Trying to Conceive can be an emotional roller coaster

Highs and Lows. Ovulation brings hope and possibilities. Your period brings the loss of hope and despair. And you are caught in this cycle month after month.

You might not have any answers; just questions. You're exhausted from all the tests, treatments, and appointments. Possibly, you blame yourself or you might blame your partner.  Maybe you struggle with the unfairness of this all.

This rollercoaster of highs and lows can take its toll on mental health, relationships, and sex life. There can be grief, depression, anxiety, shame, disconnection with your partner, anger toward the body, and self-blame on top of a deep, deep longing.

This is all very hard.

Trying to conceive and dealing with fertility challenges can be really tough. Many people find it helpful to attend counselling to help cope with and manage during their fertility journey or in processing infertility. 

Infertility Counselling can be offered for individuals and Couples - depending on what you need most.

Therapy for Fertility Challenges can include:

A space to talk

Sometimes, fertility journeys can feel isolating. Your friends and family might not be able to support you in the way you need. Therapy, first and foremost is a safe place to talk. 

Understand and normalize your experience

You are not failing. It feels hard because it is hard. In therapy, we help you to understand your experience and challenges

Process big emotions

Many strong emotions can be part of trying to conceive and fertility challenges. Therapy can give space to any and all of the emotions that come up in this journey. We get comfortable feeling these emotions. 

Coping with emotions, stress, and Uncertainty

Trying to conceive involves navigating through many emotions, stress, and uncertainty. Therapy looks at how we cope as you continue on this journey.

Navigate Social Situations

Therapy can look at how to address social situations such as well-intentioned but intrusive questioning, or dealing with pregnancy announcements and baby showers

Relationship Challenges

You and your partner are in this journey together, but sometimes, fertility challenges can impact relationship by placing stress on the relationship. Therapy can explore how to get through this journey together. 

Finding Compassion

Sometimes we blame ourselves. Sometimes we blame out bodies. Sometimes we blame our partners. Therapy can help address this blame and find compassion either towards yourself, your body, yourself, or your partner. 

Decision Making

Sometimes we need to make hard decisions in fertility journeys. Therapy can be a space to talk through decisions

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As a Registered Psychologist and Certified Perinatal Mental Health Provider (PMH-C), I can help you cope with and navigate fertility challenges and infertility. Read more about my perinatal mental health specialty here .

If your personal fertility journey included pregnancy loss, you can learn more about how I work with that here.

Certified Perinatal Mental Health Professional (PMH-C) Perinatal Postpartum Birth Trauma

Virtual Infertility Counselling

Trying to conceive can involve so many appointments. I appreciate that starting counselling might feel like just another appointment on the calendar. This is why I offer virtual therapy for infertility. Pour a cup of tea, grab a cozy blanket, and get ready for our appointment from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

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