Low-Cost Counselling

Everyone deserves quality mental health care

Mental health services are not accessible to many people. Everyone should have access to quality mental health services when they need it.  I am happy to partner with graduate students to offer low-cost counselling appointments to those in need.

How does this work?

Psychology/counselling graduate students require supervised practice as part of their degree requirements. Students are very interested in learning and developing their clinical skills. Because they are still in training, we are able to offer their services at reduced rates

All graduate interns at Hopeful Horizons are under the direct supervision of Ashley Bishop Lapierre, Registered Psychologist, and Certified Perinatal Mental Health Professional (PMH-C).

Graduate interns have a special interest in women's mental health and train in this specialty area as part of their internship. I only take on students with whom I feel confident about their therapeutic knowledge and skills.

Quality Counselling Care

Graduate intern therapists can offer ethical and effective counselling services. The quality of your counselling experience is not jeopardized by working with a student. In fact, many students are eager to learn and spend a lot of time reflecting and preparing for client sessions.

Furthermore, all client work is overseen by a Registered Psychologist. You get the two of us on your team.

Low-cost Counselling for Alberta Residents 18+

Low-cost counseling appointments are available to Alberta residents (18+) for a fee of $50 per session (or less if needed - just ask and we will accommodate)

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Meet Leaine Deschamps,

Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology Student and Graduate Intern Therapist

"Hi, I’m Leaine and I am a master’s student in a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology program. While I pursue a career in counselling, I also enjoy hiking in the mountains and cooking recipes from scratch with my partner.

I have had a lifelong interest in understanding the human experience and how events in our lives can impact how we think and feel about ourselves. I am particularly interested in the unique challenges of women in our modern culture. Mental health for women is multifaceted and can be impacted by many intersectional factors shaping how experiences are perceived. This, in turn, can affect mental health and foster unhelpful coping behaviours.

Using a person-centered approach, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Emotion Focused Therapy,  I hope to empower women as they acknowledge their strengths, build resiliency, and face their personal challenges in a supported, empathetic, and genuine way."

Leaine Deschamps

Leaine is working under the direct supervision of Ashley Bishop Lapierre, MSc., R.Psych, PMH-C.

Leaine will be offering low-cost counselling appointments from January to September 2024. Get started now!

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If you have any questions about working with Leaine or the Low-Cost Counselling Program, email ashley@hopefulforizons.ca or CONTACT through this website.