I offer counselling to people who struggle with disordered eating.

Disordered Eating is an unhealthy relationship with food and may involve:

  • Under eating
  • Overeating
  • Binge eating
  • Emotional eating
  • Purging behaviours
  • Healthy eating to an extreme
  • Yo-yo dieting
  • Guilt or shame associated with eating
  • preoccupation with food or weight

Many people with disordered eating will say they think about food or weight so much. It can often be all they can think about and as a result, it interferes with living a fulfilling life.

We will work at your pace

Patterns of disordered eating often have psychological underpinnings and can be linked to trauma, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, perfectionism, poor body image, etc. We will address the disordered eating directly and also indirectly by working on underlying issues. This might take time. We will go at a pace that you are comfortable with.

Focus on healthy behaviours and body acceptance

I work from a Health at Every Size model which focuses on healthy behaviours rather than body weight and size. Bodies naturally vary in size and shapes so we will also on body acceptance.

A holistic approach to disordered eating works best, so I will often recommend clients also work with a Registered Dietitian and sometimes a medical doctor. Ideally, we can all work collaboratively to help you have a healthier relationship with food and with yourself.

Imagine a life with a healthy relationship with food...





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