Women's Empowerment Group

A virtual therapeutic group designed to challenge the systems that hold us back while fostering inner strength.

Starting October 11th 2023!

Ashley Bishop Lapierre, Registered Psychologist in Alberta. Edmonton and Calgary

Find Power in Yourself!

What this group is:

rooted in intersectional feminism and designed to call out the levels of oppression and years of socialization that influence our sense of self. Participants are guided through discussions and exercises designed to deconstruct negative beliefs about self and foster inner self-worth and strength. Participants then explore how to show up in the world with this increased sense of empowerment.

What this group is not:

a superficial, toxic-positive, "just love yourself" group.

Group Outline:

Week 1: Welcome! Goal Setting. What is Empowerment?

Week 2: Calling out the patriarchy and other systems of oppression

Week 3: Identifying inner-critic thoughts and negative beliefs about self.

Week 4: Developing Self-Compassion

Week 5: Understanding our Emotions

Week 6: Fierce Self-compassion

Week 7: Empowered Sense of Self

Week 8: Empowered Communication

Week 9: Courage and Bravery

Week 10: Empowered Women Empower Women

Feel Empowered!

10-week, virtual group

Facilitated by Ashley Bishop Lapierre, Registered Psychologist,

and Nicole Lastuka, Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology Student

open to all women in Alberta (age 18+)

Wednesday evenings: October 11th - December 13th, 6-8pm

Cost: $500 (works out to $50 per week)

Receipts will be provided for reimbursement according to insurance coverage for psychological services.

Email Ashley@hopefulhorizons.ca to register

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