Anxiety keeps us safe. We all have it.

In healthy doses, anxiety can be helpful. It is what causes us to drive cautiously on winter roads, not walk alone late at night or rehearsing an important presentation.

But for some people anxiety causes more harm than good.

Your mind is in overdrive.

You worry about worst case scenarios and possible "what ifs". You are so focused on the future that you are not living in the moment.  You might even start to fell anxious at the thought of feeling anxious in the future.

Your body senses a threat and kicks in to  warn and protect you. This is what is happening when you start breathing fast, become, shaky, sweaty, etc.

It can be so exhausting!

Sound familiar?

Anxiety will never fully disappear (remember, its helpful to a degree).

 You can learn how to manage your anxiety.

  • First we will learn about your anxiety by exploring triggers and causes.
  • You will begin to understand what is going on inside your mind and body when you feel anxiety so you can better notice it coming.
  • We will then work on developing coping skills so you can manage your anxiety when it comes.

Could you use some tools to manage anxiety?

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Ashley Bishop Lapierre Registered Psychologist Calgary Alberta Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety is less scary when you understand what is going on internally and you feel more in control when you have tools to manage.