Couples Counselling

You're feeling disconnected from your partner

Maybe it was a gradual drifting apart. Maybe other obligations required more attention. Maybe external life stressors took a toll on your relationship.

You might not even recognize your partner. You do not communicate well or when you do you only seem to argue. There are a lot of things you do not like about your relationship

but something is telling you to try to make it work.

I offer couples counselling to couples at various stages in their relationship.  Some issues to work on in couples counselling include:

  • Communication
  • Sex and Intimacy
  • Trust and Betrayal
  • Grief and Loss
  • Individual differences
  • Conflict Management
  • Commitment
  • Premarital Counselling (early relationship counselling)
  • Infidelity
  • Parenting
  • Life Stress

I help couples reconnect, overcome obstacles as a team, appreciate each other, and remember why they became a couple in the first place.

As a couples counsellor, my focus is on saving the relationship. I hold hope that the relationship can improve - even when clients don't have much hope themselves. We will explore what patterns are not helpful and learn healthier alternatives. Sometimes these patterns run deep so it can take time, effort, and intent but it is possible!

Couples Counselling is...

  • a platform to express your needs to your partner in a constructive way and for your partner to listen.
  • a chance for your partner to express their needs in a constructive way - and a chance for you to listen.
  • an opportunity to work through problems that are straining the relationship.
  • an opportunity to work on yourself and your role in the relationship.

Couples Counselling is not...

  • a place for either person to feel attacked (we will work on how to communicate with respect and empathy)
  • a place to argue for an hour  (you likely argue enough with your partner at home; you come to counselling for something more constructive. Sessions can get heated at times but my role is to help get back on track).
  • a quick or easy fix (to improve the relationship some things will need to change. This takes time and patience)


Its never too early

or too late

to work on improving your relationship!

You don't need to settle for an unsatisfying relationship

Schedule a free phone consultation or first appointment today!

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