You're not yourself

  • You're lacking energy, desire, and self-esteem
  • Your relationships are suffering
  • You're not being productive at work
  • You keep thinking about how you messed up in the past or how you will mess up in the future.

Sound familiar?

Depression is a self-perpetual struggle meaning it has a way of squashing motivation and desire to do things that will help the depression; your depression wants you to stay depressed. Depression is a downward spiral. This is why past attempts you made to fight the depression may not have been successful.

Depression is Treatable!

It won't be easy but we can fight the depression.

We will start by understanding the depression  by exploring how your history, environment, thoughts, behaviours, and feelings may contribute (its often a confusing mix of all the above). Understanding your depression can bring comfort and clarity and can also point to areas for potential change.

We will work at a pace that feels comfortable for you.

We will explore the areas in which change could yield a positive impact of your wellbeing. When you are ready to make changes, we will start with small, manageable change.

We will build upon your strengths (yes, you have strengths) and develop new skills as needed.

Small change leads to bigger change

An amazing thing often happens once the ball starts rolling; the downward spiral becomes an upward spiral. The small changes leads to bigger changes, and before you know it, you might start to notice a positive change your mood, energy levels, and desire.

We will work to maintain change

There will be challenges and obstacles along the way and we will discuss and plan how to manage them. You might fall off track along the way, but we can get you back on track.

I know at this point, the idea of being not longer depressed sounds so far away. But you can get there.

Are you ready to start fighting your depression?

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