You do not like your body.

You try to avoid mirrors. When you cannot avoid a mirror, you focus on your "flaws". People might give you compliments about your physical appearance but you do not believe them. This dissatisfaction with your appearance affects your self esteem, friendships, romantic relationships, and sex life (among other things).

You do not need to change your body; you need to change your attitude towards your body

Generally there are two schools of thought when it comes to improving body image:

  1. change your body (this is the approach used by physical trainers, plastic surgeons, the diet industry etc.)
  2. change your attitude and relationship with your body

Approach #1 may be helpful to some people in moderation but I believe the bulk of the work needs to come from approach #2.


Because you are worthy as you are right now. We come in many different sizes and shapes. Even if you make physical changes, self-love needs to come from within.

We can work to improve your body image.

We will focus on healthy behaviours and acknowledge the diversity of natural body shapes and sizes rather than aiming for one interpretation of beauty.

I help clients develop a healthier relationship with their body in all its wonder (not just aesthetically) moving away from focusing on flaws, and instead, focusing on all the great things your body brings.

Ashley Bishop Lapierre Registered Psychologist Calgary Alberta

Feel at peace with your body!

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