I work one-on-one with women to improve their mental health. I help women work through a variety of concerns and struggles, but spend more time focusing on the issues below. Follow the links to learn more about how we might work together. Not finding your concern below? Contact me to discuss if I might be able to help you.


You have low energy and little interest in things. You want to feel like your old self again and enjoy life. Learn More


Your mind constantly focuses on "what ifs" and "worst case scenarios". You spend so much time worrying about things going wrong in the future that you do not enjoy the present moment. You want to manage your anxiety and be more calm as you learn to enjoy the moment. Learn More

Self Esteem

Your inner voice sounds like a critic or a bully. You are hard on yourself and never feel "good enough". You want to foster a friendlier and compassionate relationship with yourself. Learn More

Ashley Bishop Lapierre REgistered Psychologist Calgary Alberta

Disordered Eating

You think about food and weight quite frequently and this causes you stress and impacts the quality of your life. You engage in unhealthy eating behaviors and have an unhealthy relationship with food. You want to find peace with food and your body. Learn More

Ashley Bishop Lapierre Registered Psychologist Calgary Alberta

Body Image

You find yourself wishing you looked different. You hate looking in the mirror as you focus on your flaws. You want to learn how to accept and appreciate your physical body. Learn More

Ashley Bishop Lapierre REgistered Psychologist Calgary Alberta

Postpartum Depression/Anxiety

You just had a baby and something is not quite right; it is not what you expected. You might be crying constantly, experiencing disturbing thoughts, worrying all the time, or having panic attacks. You want to be able to get through the day and enjoy some time with your new baby. Learn More

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