You never thought you would be here...

searching the internet for a counsellor who specializes in infidelity. You always thought affairs were something that happened in other relationships - not yours.

But here you are.

Maybe you just discovered a partner's affair and you feel like life as you know it is over.

Maybe you had knowledge of an affair for awhile and are unsure of what to do next.

Or maybe you are the one who is having an affair and are struggling with how you can love your partner but still have an affair.

Affairs Happen

To some, infidelity can mean the end of a relationship. To others, with time and work, it can be a turning point for the better. If you do not want the affair to mean the end of your relationship, it does not have to.

It is possible to rebuild after infidelity

I work with couples who want to rebuild their relationship after an affair. Every couple is different but when working with infidelity generally:

  • The discovery of a partner's affair is traumatic. This is a time of crisis and we treat it as such; before anything else we will work through pain, betrayal, resentment, and hurt.
  • We will explore the questions that need to be answered for healing to begin.
  • The partner who had an affair often experiences shame, guilt, and regret. We will process these feelings.
  • We explore empathy in the relationship.
  • We work on healing as individuals and as a couple.

I Do Not Judge

I do not judge you for having an affair, for not knowing about a partner's affair, for leaving the relationship after an affair, for staying in the relationship after an affair, or for being unsure if you want to stay or leave the relationship

Are you unsure if you want to stay in your relationship or leave following an affair?

We can explore this in counselling either by yourself or with your partner.

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